biggest loser season 17 colby steven roberto The Biggest Loser Season 17 winner: Roberto Hernandez, Stephen Kmet or Colby Wright, who won?

NBC’s long-running weight loss competition series, “The Biggest Loser,” brought another emotionally intense season to a close on Monday (Feb. 22). If ever there were any doubts that Season 17 wouldn’t showcase the will-power, dedication and love that has made the show so successful, this episode proves once again why the series has such staying power.

Making it to the finale were Roberto Hernandez, Colby Wright and Stephen Kmet. Shedding the pounds and getting healthy is the mission these three hopefuls have gone through not only for their families and loved ones, but also for themselves.

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So, who took home the title of “The Biggest Loser” for 2016? After heaping on the suspense, it was announced that Roberto is this year’s winner. Hernandez’s twin brother Luis showed substantial weight loss in the show’s first hour which shows the bond is strong with these two.

Roberto first joined the show weighing in at 348 pounds. In the final weigh-in, he clocked in at 188 pounds, losing a total of 160 pounds.

Not that far behind was Stephen who originally came to the ranch weighing 309 pounds. Kmet’s final weigh-in had him at 176 pounds, adding up to a total of 133 pounds lost.

Finally, there’s Colby. The contestant succumbed to a temptation in the final minutes of the episode, which added a three pound disadvantage but $50,000 in prize money. Originally, Wright weighed 339 pounds when he arrived at the ranch and in the final episode, clocked in at 217.

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