tvfash105 'The Biggest Loser': Why Dolvett Quince works out in red

The time to make good on those resolutions has come.
Whether you made them while tipsy doesn’t matter. Deep down — or more honestly, skin-deep — you know it is time to lose weight, exercise regularly and eat right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you make the same resolutions each year.
You start out strong and lose steam quickly. What if you made one small investment in working out? What if you bought new workout clothes?
That’s not as shallow as it sounds. There’s something about donning a wicking shirt, intended only for exercise, that gives a mental boost.
“Psychologically, it is important to change into workout gear; I think so,” says Dolvett Quince, a trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” tells Zap2it.
“When you are going into that job you want to have that power suit, and you have this sense of ‘I am going to kill this!’ Psychologically, if the gym is your boardroom and you want to close the deal, you want to walk in feeling good about you. You want to own it. And what you wear depicts that.”
When starting a new regime, take time to formulate what you’re doing.
“The first piece of advice, the best way to make up your mind to do it is to have a goal, a plan,” says Quince, who’s also the author of the best-selling “The 3-1-2-1 Diet.”
“Your goal could be to be at a photo shoot on this date,” he says. “Your goal could be a high-school reunion. Having a goal and ending point, you will always win as opposed to ‘I will do it this time.'”
tvfash2105 'The Biggest Loser': Why Dolvett Quince works out in red
With a goal in mind — you really don’t want to face those hateful girls from high school packing an extra 30 pounds — and a common-sense approach to food, we turn to exercise and the fast-growing fashion field of active wear.
As always, shoes matter.
“That is a fact,” Quince says. “They need special shoes. Everyone’s foot is different. There are people that have wide feet. You need about half a size larger with running.”
This may be the only instance where purpose and structure trumps style and color. “Getting the right shoe will help you on your athletic journey,” Quince says.
He advises having more than one pair, if possible.
As far as the clothing, keep it simple, and the material must stretch to allow free movement. Women have more choices with exercise clothes than guys.
tvfash3105 'The Biggest Loser': Why Dolvett Quince works out in red
“There are not a lot of options for the guys,” Quince says. “I wear a lot of Athletic Recon. It is cool — athletic pants and hidden pockets, where I keep my change and credit card. If I am out for a run, I can get a smoothie.”
And as far as tops go, keep them loose enough to move in yet tight enough to monitor your movements. And in Quince’s case, red — since he represents the red team, “the color of warriors,” he says.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler