megan boone mary louise parker the blacklist 'The Blacklist' Season 2 episode 2: Is Naomi Highland Elizabeth's mother?We might be reading too much into Raymond Reddington’s demeanor in both “Monarch Douglas Bank” Monday (Sept. 29) and last week’s “The Blacklist” premiere, but something about the way he has spoken about Naomi to Elizabeth, coupled with Berlin’s snide remark about making a “connection” about Liz and Red has us wondering — is Naomi Liz’s mother?

We all suspect that Red is Liz’s father and the creators teased that this season we would learn more about Liz’s mom. What if Red and Naomi had two daughters, Elizabeth and the heretofore unseen Jennifer, who would be Liz’s older sister? The fire from when Liz was four years old is tied to (or is perhaps one and the same) with the 1990 Christmas incident and it was then that Naomi and Jennifer went into protective custody and Liz went to live with Sam?

Hmm. As is par for the course with “The Blacklist,” we do not know for sure at this point and can only speculate. But it would explain casting Mary-Louis Parker, who bears a resemblance to Megan Boone. Age-wise, Naomi would have been young when she had her daughters, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Speculation aside, “Monarch Douglas Bank” was a neat episode structurally because it gave the task force a “case of the week” that neatly tied in to Red, Berlin and Naomi, plus it brought back Samar Navabi, the Mossan agent who kidnapped Red in the Season 2 premiere. She has now apparently joined the task force and is working for/with Red. Interesting.

The show can’t sustain cases of the week that tie into the over-arching plot forever, but it was nice to feel like the premiere episode and this one were more connected than “The Blacklist” episodes usually are.

What did you think of “Monarch Douglas Bank”? Below, E! put together a fun “True Hollywood Story” for Reddington. Check it out.

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