alan alda the blacklist season 2 'The Blacklist' fall finale sets up Season 2's second half perfectly“The Blacklist” producers and writers are doing some really smart things in Season 2. Read on to find out what’s to come in the second half, but be warned of spoilers if you haven’t watched “The Decemberist” yet.

The first season of “The Blacklist” sometimes suffered from putting too much emphasis on the case of the week, leaving the overarching mythology barely present or even nonexistent. But Season 2 has pulled off the masterful job of providing cases each week that are wrapped up within the hour while most weeks also connecting in some way to the larger picture. It has made the drama more serialized and it became apparent during the fall finale that the season is neatly divided into acts (probably three), the first of which has come to a close with some events that perfectly set up Act II.

“The Decemberist” saw Reddington working to find out who framed him for Berlin’s daughter’s death and also a bombing in the Soviet Union that killed 50 people. It turns out it was none other than Red’s associate Alan Fitch (Alan Alda). He used people, of course — powerful men don’t do the *actual* dirty work themselves — but it was Fitch who was behind it all.

This leads to Berlin killing Fitch and Reddington subsequently killing Berlin, which means the show has neatly dispensed of a huge chunk of the plot from Seasons 1 and 2 in a way that actually feels organic — it seems like a natural course for the show. It’s also nice to know that the writers have a plan in place and aren’t going to be spinning their wheels by dragging out plotlines long after they have stopped being interesting.

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What the second half of Season 2 is now looking at is Reddington being in danger from the group of powerful people Fitch was keeping in control. Without Fitch to hold the leash, this group wants Red dead and is after something call “the fulcrum.” Plus, the countdown is on to some big event in 2017. In true “Blacklist” fashion, the viewers don’t yet know what these things mean, but Reddington has a few clues to go on — he’s going to talk to Mitchum and Hobbs and also retrieve whatever is in Fitch’s safe.

Meanwhile, Tom is on the loose and he’s more connected to Reddington than previously thought. Lizzie couldn’t bring herself to kill Tom, which is good because that’s not the Lizzie viewers know and love. She shared a lovely moment with Reddington at the end of the episode that speaks volumes about how much closer they continue to grow.

Best line: “When you love someone, you have no control. That’s what love is, being powerless.” — Reddington

Tidbit: In Zap2it’s informal Twitter poll, as of the time of this article being written, 75 percent of you think Tom never really loved Liz, 25 percent think he did love her.

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