In the second episode of ABC’s The Catch, Twitter made judgment of the series’ leading woman and newest addition of its TGIT lineup. Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) received both praise and criticism for the actions she took in Thursday’s (March 31) episode, entitled “The Real Killer.”

Take a look at what the Internet thinks of Shondaland’s newest leading lady below:

1. Her style is based on retro culture and fashion

The show pays tribute to movies such as “How to Make A Million” and other classics that show love set within impressive crimes. Alice’s style is clearly a modernised look of the 1960’s.

2. Alice might be working ‘too hard’

After she finds out that she had been duped out of her life savings, Vaughan gets more involved with her work. The web may be onto something here, even Olivia Pope needed a break. As a private investigator, more will be at stake if Alice doesn’t address her emotions soon.

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3. She’s easy on the eyes

Mireille Enos is finally all dolled up. The actress has been known for wearing ankle-length homemade dresses and long braids in “Big Love” and clunky sweaters with low ponytails in “The Killing.” Enos’ got to let her hair down (for once) and social media loved it.

4. Alice just might be a genius

Vaughan proved her top-notch investigation skills after using memories of her failed relationship with Christopher (Peter Krause) to successfully corner him. When Alice’s move actually worked, she immediately earned her a place in the Shonda ranks along with Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating.

5. She ain’t perfect

For as much danger she gets into, Alice is surprisingly not cautious enough for the Internet. It was revealed in the episode that Christopher is a murderer, which should definitely have any woman want to protect herself as she goes after the con artist.

“The Catch” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes