Shondaland premiered “The Catch” to its popular Thursday night lineup on March 24. The story follows a cat-and-mouse game between private investigator Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) and her con artist fiancee, Benjamin Jones (Peter Krause).

Star Rose Rollins — who plays Valerie Anderson on the new drama — details how fans of Shondaland can digest the new series, as it will take over the “How to Get Away With Murder” time slot in the coming months. In comparison to the other series from Rhimes, Rollins says that “The Catch” will form its own niche.

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“I think they’re all so different, and strong in different ways,” Rollins tells Zap2it. “I don’t really want to compare it to any of her other shows, except for the casting or the diverse, intense actors because that’s what they all have that are similar.”

Like the other shows that occupy ABC’s TGIT lineup, “The Catch” will feature an ensemble cast. Rollins says that characters are split in half, much like on “Scandal” which divides the Gladiators with the White House staff.

The new show will focus on the team of investigators — made up of Rollins, Mireille Enos, Jay Hayden and Elvy Yost — and the con artists, portrayed by Sonya Walger, Peter Krause and Alimi Ballard. In the middle, there is Interpol FBI Agent Jules Dao (Jackie Ido), who will move back and forth between the two as he independently follows his own investigation.

Rollins also confirms that her character co-owns the company, along with Enos’ Alice Vaughan, making them both partners and best friends.

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“We have a history,” Rollins says. Think of their kinship as the show’s Meredith and Christina — “Grey’s Anatomy” reference, y’all!

“I run the business side of it and Alice takes to the field as lead investigator,” Rollins clarifies. “I’m definitely manning the fort at all times.”

Team names for each side hasn’t been claimed just yet, but something should stick soon. After-all, the Gladiators and Keating 5 need company. Rollins does give us some insight into the members of the investigator team who are on the hunt for Mr. X.

“Hayden (who plays Danny) is the lead detective, Alice is an investigator,” Rollins describes. “Then we have Elvy, her character Sophie is the newbie that we brought in and she’s really good with technology. She’s pretty much our hacker.”

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Along with an ensemble cast, another Shondaland staple are those steamy — no children should be up at this time! — sex scenes.

“Oh it gets pretty steamy. We definitely have the steamiest time slot,” Rollins guarantees. “What I love about this show is that along with everything, it is a love story and it gets you.”

Rollins adds, “I feel that so many women can identify with it because we’ve all at one time in our lives fell in love with someone who we’re not supposed to fall in love with. It’s explosive and I think that so many people are going to relate.”

“The Catch” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes