Abram is back. Watch out, Thomas.

MTV’s “The Challenge” is arguably the best competition show on TV.

What makes it so unique is that audiences are never quite sure of what kind of show they’re going to get and tonight’s (Dec. 23) episode of “Battle of the Bloodlines,” entitled “Corneesa,” not only had a huge surprise — welcome back, Abram! — it was also absolutely hysterical.

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First, some back story. Last week, Tony fell seriously ill after refusing medical advice and tonight it was announced the he’d no longer be able to compete, which resulted in both him and his teammate, Shane, being sent home.

Candice, who broke her toe and busted up her lip during last week’s challenge, was also ruled out of competition by the show’s doctors, forcing her and her cousin, Leroy, into saying tearful goodbyes.

And then after a female elimination challenge in The Pit, where Jenna again won out, Larissa and her bloodline partner, Camilla, were also sent packing.

By the time it came around for the next contestants’ challenge, the cast was down six players. But then, surprise!  Cara Maria’s lover, Abram, and teammate, Mike, up and join the cast.  Thomas stands nearby, looking like he might crap his pants.

“I didn’t even hook up with Cara Maria and I’m scared of Abram,” Nany says in her video confessional. LOOK OUT THOMAS.

Even Cara Maria giggles nervously, describing her live-in boyfriend’s competitive side as “serial killer quiet.” SLEEP WITH YOUR EYES OPEN, THOMAS.

And what made this particular episode so funny? The contestants’ main challenge was a trivia test. Just the thought of Johnny Bananas answering “Jeopardy” questions would make any audience laugh, but what caused tears of laughter was the fact that these questions weren’t even close to “Jeopardy” caliber.

They bordered more closely to an “Are You Smarter than 5th Grader” level, and yet, these contestants literally dropped like flies for being unable to spell the word “column,” or for thinking that Nic Cage starred in “The Godfather.”

Host, TJ Lavin, doesn’t even try to keep a straight face when Stephen can’t name the capital of Turkey, (the country where this season of “The Challenge” is filmed), or when Jenna confidently calls out, “Hawaii” for being known as “The Sunshine State.”

The red teams wins, and shocking everyone, Nicole is the MVP of the trivia challenge. Seriously, who saw that coming? NO ONE.

The show is still down 2 players which must mean that the highly anticipated return of CT is just around the corner.

“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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