Megan Brown and CT on The Challenge Bloodlines

The trailer for the next season of “The Challenge” has debuted and it’s impossible to tell if you need tissues or a therapist for all the emotions coming your way.

The new season, dubbed “Bloodlines” because competitors will be competing with and against family members, will bring CT Tamburello back to the game. CT’s return to the show is a bit surprising as millions watched as Diem Brown, his on and off again girlfriend, passed away from cancer during last season’s “Battle of the Exes II” filming.

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Diem’s memory will stay alive in the new season as Cosmopolitan confirms that CT won’t be competing with a family member of his own, but Diem’s sister Megan. CT’s disclaimer, “I’m here to wreck havoc,” implies that their appearance may be for a special challenge rather than as season long competitors.

It wouldn’t be the first time CT has returned just to eliminate someone. During “The Challenge: Cutthroat,” CT was brought back purely for the elimination before the final challenge where he took out Johnny Bananas in the infamous “Bannanas Backpack” incident.

CT may not have too much trouble with the havoc though because the trailer also shows that Cara Maria and her on again off again boyfriend Abe will also be back in the house and it is not sunshine and rainbows for them as Abe confronts her about being with other dudes. Nothing gets in the way of a game strategy like sorting out real-life relationship complications in the house.

There is another twist coming besides family members showing up for the show. Host TJ Lavin says they are in for a surprise that Camila claims “changes the entire game.” Full cast speculations show that each competitor isn’t coming with a same gender teammate. It’s a mix of boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy pairings, which leads to the idea that the “Challenge” cast may not be on the same team as their relative.

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The full twist and the drama kick off Dec. 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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