On Wednesday night (May 4) an all new season of “The Challenge: Rivals III” premiered with an extended 90-minute episode. Why so long? There are 26 contestants — half of them previously from “Are You The One?,” which has everyone wondering, “Who are you?”

For real, though. Who are they? Did anybody watch that series?

Thankfully, the other half of the cast includes a slew of returning favorites including Camila, Wes, KellyAnne, Nany, Sarah, “Creepy Uncle Vince” as his mournful partner Jenna calls him, and of course, Johnny Bananas Devenanzio.

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“It’s gonna be a great fuckin’ season,” Bananas told Zap2it at MTV’s recent press party at West Hollywood’s London Hotel. “It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” Based on his experience, it’s safe to say we can take this veteran at his word. Bananas was part of winning team for the show’s very first installment of “Rivals” back in 2011, and was a runner-up in “Rivals II.”

Johnny Bananas

The challenges were mere side stage entertainment during the premiere episode, “Mexican Standoff.” The drama in the house was already on fire. Before the sun rose on the first day, Jamie and Ashley are doing the dirty in a windowed shower for everyone to see.

The latter of whom, makes us seriously wonder how she passed the mental health exam to make it on this show. Or, is there even one? She was originally voted off “Real World: EX-plosion” for her excessive drinking, but now that she’s back. In a house full of cliche reality show contestants, Ashley is the trainwreck to watch.

Ashley is truly stripping the crazy crown from Camila. Oh dear, sweet Camila. Upon finding her “Rival” partner to be Tony, she flat out cries. “He’s such a douche,” she laments. Honestly, we get it. There doesn’t seem to be a better way to describe him. But, we digress …

When all is said and done, no one goes home during the premiere. With so many people, it’s already time to cut the fat, MTV! Send two teams home. We need to focus more on Jenna who thinks Mexico is an island, and Simone who’s tirade on Tony was hysterical.

Based on the previews, it appears more than one person is going to get kicked off for a reason other than losing a challenge, and we’re more curious to see who’s on-call as replacements … CT? Or… is it CT? Hey, one can only hope!

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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