Certain competitions on “The Challenge” have such complicated rules that it’s sometimes unclear to the viewer what the exact competition even is. We just know the team that finishes first is obviously the winner, leaving the losers to go home. But on Wednesday night’s (June 29) “Rivals III” episode, the two teams sent into The Jungle had to compete in a challenge entitled “Hear Me Out,” which was quite possibly the most hilarious elimination challenge ever.

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It was literally like watching the blind lead the blind. The rules were very simple. Each contestant was blindfolded to play a game of one-one-one soccer. The first team to score two points would be the winner. Fighting to stay alive were Nany and Wes vs. KellyAnne and Jamie.

Hear me out Challenge

As their male teammates shouted directions from the sidelines, there was utter confusion which ended up leading the girls to run into each other, into the fence and totally whiffle the ball while trying to make a goal. The boys didn’t fare much better.

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To make matters worse, the cast mates — who were merely spectators of the event — were also yelling out directions. The overlapping shouts made it absolutely impossible for those on the soccer field to hear any of the useful information being relayed from their teammates. It was a glorious trainwreck and we could’ve watch this Jungle elimination for hours.

KellyAnne and Jamie 'The Challenge Rivals III'

In the end, KellyAnne and Jamie lost out to Nany and Wes. It’s sad that this veteran team was sent home after surviving the difficult all-night challenge the previous night, but it’s especially a bummer because it means we have to watch more of Wes.

Wes is probably the most obnoxious person on the show. Needless to say, his “Rivals” partner can’t stand him, nor does she even try to hide it.

Nany and Wes 'The Challenge Rivals III'

It’s for this reason that everyone’s hoping they’ll finally get sent home next week. With Johnny Bananas and Sarah as the top power team of the moment, it’s very likely this will happen sooner than later.

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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