Acts of violence breaking out on MTV reality shows is nothing new. However, everyone knows the rules when it comes to “The Challenge” — if a contestant hits someone, he or she is out. That’s it.

On Wednesday night’s (June 22) episode, Tony did not hit Camila. Nor did Camila strike Tony. Objects were thrown towards one another and things came to a tense standstill, but no physical altercation took place. And neither of the “Rivals III” teammates approached producers in fear of their safety afterwards. Yet, both Camila and Tony were sent home the next morning.

While it may seem strange to question these types of disciplinary actions, we can’t help but wonder … why? No punches were thrown. No one got hurt. The punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime.

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What’s even weirder is that neither Tony or Camila fought MTV’s decision. They were both just sad, resigned to the fact that their exit orders were coming and there was no way around it.

Camila Nakagawa 'The Challenge Rivals III%22

It was only a few weeks ago when Camila completely freaked out after host TJ Lavin accused her of cheating during a challenge. For hours, she kicked and screamed about the seemingly unfair treatment. So, why did Camilla so easily roll over and accept being kicked off when it appears that nothing really happened. It doesn’t add up.

Tony Raines 'The Challenge Rivals III'

Look at these two in a picture Camilla tweeted out on Tuesday (June 21). This doesn’t look like the aftermath of sworn enemies. In fact, they look surprisingly happy and chill. Something is seriously fishy, here.

This is all speculation, but it seems MTV left out major footage from Tony and Camila’s scuffle — like, something huge. Because last week, Vinny got into a heated fight with Devin, which did get physical, and neither of them went home. They got a warning. And even though both boys clearly still have strong animosity towards each other, they were free to stay in Mexico and continue competing.

In the very same episode, Cory ripped off his shirt and charged after Devin for being an obnoxious drunk and rude to Cheyenne. The two were this close to getting into it, and neither of them even received a warning. Nothing happened.

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So, why all of sudden make an example out of Tony and Camila? Sure, they were toeing the line of what’s kosher regarding house rules and a more violent altercation could’ve happened if the two cast mates were allowed to stay on, but the fear that something might happen has never made MTV send people home before.

Tony and Camila fighting 'The Challenge Rivals III'

We’re not saying this was a bad move on MTV’s part. Not at all. Preemptively stopping a possible fight from happening when there’s a serious threat is a smart move in every way. We’re merely saying that it’s unprecedented.

Jenna's black eye 'The Real World Go Big or Go Home'

During the most recent season of “The Real World: Go Big or Go Home,” Jenna attacked her roommate CeeJai’ and received nothing but a warning. A few weeks later, CeeJai’ sucker punched Jenna to the ground, leaving Jenna with a huge shiner on her face. Even then, it took an entire evening of debate for MTV to decide that both girls needed to be sent home. This altercation was brewing throughout the entire season and even when the network had a concrete reason to send Jenna home weeks prior, they chose not to.

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This is why seeing Camila and Tony kicked off for a non-physical fight — with neither of them arguing to stay on — makes us think that something much more serious went down. We are still speculating, but maybe footage of what really went down was edited out.

MTV previously removed footage from Season 1 of “The Jersey Shore” after they aired the now infamous episode in which Snooki got punched in the face by a man at a bar. However, they only edited this scene out after news of this insane moment spread like wildfire, leading to “The Jersey Shore” becoming a runaway cultural hit. Maybe MTV is trying to avoid that same type of backlash.

Did Tony and Camila agree that if they just shut their mouths and went home for whatever happened, they’d be allowed to come back to compete again one day? Lord knows MTV does not want another Tonya Cooley situation on their hands. When we reached out to MTV, they had no comment.

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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