“Nobody saw this coming” Sarah says, in her confessional.

Now, we at Zap2it don’t want to brag, but we called this “super twist” right away. Don’t believe us? Read up, here. With 26 contestants, so many of them we don’t know and don’t care to know, MTV needed to narrow it down quickly to keep things entertaining. High five to “The Challenge” for quickly realizing they cast way too many “Are You the One?” contestants, and for wasting no time fixing this mistake.

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Johnny and Jessica were the worst team in last week’s challenge, so they were definitely up for elimination.

Johnny and Jessica

Winners Jenna and Creepy Vince did them a solid and chose Briana and Brandon to join them. That’s it right? One of those two teams will definitely be going home? Nope.

The first team that goes home is actually Leroy and Avery. For medical reasons not clearly explained — because Leroy had an ailment that no doctor in Mexico could figure out — MTV needed send him home for further testing. That meant that his partner, Avery, had to go home, too.

Now, onto that “super twist” … TJ tells Jenna and Vince that they have to pick one more team to go up for elimination. Why? Because every week, three teams will be sent into The Jungle. In response to hearing this news, everyone appears to have crapped their pants.


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Jenna and Vince pick Devin and Cheyenne to also go into elimination, but a gamble of picking skulls out of a bucket determines which two teams will actually compete. Picking the black skulls, Jessica and Johnny take on Devin and Cheyenne, and successfully send the latter team home. Sayonara, D-something and whoever? Both were so unmemorable that it doesn’t even matter.

The best part of this whole scenario has yet to come. A team will need to come in to replace Leroy and Avery. Who will it be?  (CT? CT? CT … and maybe Paula?)

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV

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