Another season of “The Challenge” came to a close on Wednesday (Aug. 3), and it was definitely one of the most dramatic endings in the history of this long running completion series. Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio cut his partner Sarah Rice Patterson out from their first-place $275,000 prize and, based on the “Reunion” special that aired right after the finale, he is not losing any sleep over it.

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“Rivals III” turned out to be quite a cutthroat season, especially once the cast trimmed the “Are You the One?” competitors that were obnoxiously over-saturating the series. But when the cameras are filming 24 hours a day, 7 days week for three months, there’s naturally going to be hundreds of hours of footage that get left on the cutting room floor. MTV does a pretty good job editing out the boring parts, but here are the top 3 moments Zap2it wished made it to air based on what we learned during the aftershow.

1. Camilla & Vince might’ve hooked up

Nothing kosher is happening at 4 a.m., no matter what Camilla or Vince says. The idea of the two of them hooking up is not just crazy because Vince is such a creeper, but Camilla is his cousin Johnny Bananas’ ex-girlfriend. Was this a revenge move for all the years Bananas treated her like crap?

Camila Nakagawa 'The Challenge Rivals III%22

Camilla defends herself by saying she was “taking a shit” while Vince was showering, which OK, gross, but who goes to someone else’s bathroom to drop a deuce — at 4 o’clock in the morning, no less. Not sure how this scene got cut from primetime, because we all want to know what really happened that night.

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2. Did Johnny cheat?

International Business Times attended the live taping of the “Reunion” special in New York City on July 12, and while Sarah prefaces her speech that MTV would cut this out, she went on record to say that she saw Bananas had Adderall in his possession during the final challenge. The drug, typically used to treat ADHD, can give someone without the disorder more focus and more energy and the jilted teammate says this gave Bananas the edge during the finale.

Johnny Bananas and Sarah 'The Challenge Rival III'

Sarah goes on to say that MTV decided to deal with the situation by charging Bananas a $5,000 penalty. However, MTV says in response, “There is not and there has not been any truth or proof to prove this.” Bananas responded to the accusations by saying, “Lose with class, man.”

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3. Jenna almost went home

So many players went home this season for reasons other than losing in an elimination challenge. From health issues to unfortunate family drama, certain things do take precedence over competing on a reality show. And while brief moments were shown of Jenna’s phone calls home to her now-ex-boyfirend Zach, her teammate Vince says while it wasn’t shown on camera, Jenna was this close going home, as well.

Vince did his best to keep her in Mexico. For if she quit, he would have also had to go home. Vince was able to talk Jenna out of running home to figure out things with Zach, a guy who appears to be an awful human being and not worth the sacrifice. It’s understandable why Jenna would want to throw in the towel after getting her heart-broken and it’s a testament to just how strong of competition Jenna is that she was able to not only stick around, but make it to her third straight finals and then nab 2nd place.

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