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Zap2it: You’ve had a far more glamorous life than most, but you’re also a mom. So does that make you relate to other moms?
Amanda de Cadenet: I have two daughters and one son. I say all the time, “What does your body tell you? How do you feel as women?” We are mothers. We need instinct and need community. It’s basic Darwinism; just contemporary society has separated us, sadly. And my goal is to bring us together and show unity with women and be nonjudgmental and be supportive, and we can only benefit.
Zap2it: You’ve been famous in the U.K. since you were a teenager. What has this journey been like?
Amanda de Cadenet: I did not want to be famous. Fame is not all it is cracked up to be. I always said you could not pay me enough to go back on TV. I was a schoolgirl, and I became a household name overnight. It is very difficult to grow up when you don’t even know what “you” is. The transition time, your teenage years, I had a daughter when I was 19. I don’t want people looking at me all the time, and I was so self-conscious in England; I looked at the ground, and I never looked up, so I quit. I quit being famous, and it was the healthiest thing I could do, and I became a photographer. I wanted to tell stories about people I am interested in, what makes people tick, and I was really happy being behind the camera.

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