curse of oak island premiere 2 The Curse of Oak Island: The brothers take a dangerous trip down the rabbit hole

“The Curse of Oak Island” returned for its third season on Tuesday night (Nov. 10) on History Channel finding Rick and Marty taking a trip further down a very dangerous rabbit hole.

It’s been 50 years since Rick and Marty Lagina first read about the Oak Island legend and after countless days of research and prep work, the two begin to dive into the mysteries that allegedly lie deep beneath the island. With many areas that require their attention, the brothers decide to tackle the dangerous 235 foot descent better known as 10-X.

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The narrow hole — which Rick refers to as an “absolute death trap” — burrows deep underground and opens up, the two believe, to a bigger under water cavern. But before they are able to venture deep within this unknown, a giant rusted riser pipe must be removed as it pretty much blocks the path of the wood-be divers.

Ever the adventurous one, Rick takes the plunge in a basket lowered down by rope to assist in the removal of the rusty bugger and almost gets himself killed in the process. That’s not to say the day’s efforts didn’t bear fruit as the obstruction was removed and immediately fell apart like burnt paper.

Later, the two were given some unbelievable info by treasure hunting duo Robert and Bob Leonard, who share their findings through the use of “Magnetic Resonance Imaging.” It’s here that a wide array of goodies — bronze, gold, diamonds, and rubies to name a few — were allegedly found scattered throughout a bunch of interconnecting tunnels deep beneath the island.

Unsure what to believe, but driven by the huge possibility of the treasure below, the hunt continued and not long after these details are delivered, the team finds their first real confirmation of a tunnel existing underground.

Attention focusing back on 10-X, the team puts into place the use of Spectrum 90 imaging technology which utilizes an advanced laser function to help explore the depths at the bottom of the narrow drop. And though they were unable to find much amidst the green water — which was dyed previously to document the underground entry and exit points — the exploration brought back some jaw dropping results.

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Not only are the experts 90% sure there is a man made chest located beneath the 235 feet of earth, but according to the laser imaging results, a human body accompanies the mysterious box.

Could the alleged human remains be that of a slave who attempted to escape these depths so many years ago? And if so, was he chained to one of the wooden columns located below with the purpose of having his ghost watch over the elusive treasure? So many questions need answering!

Tune in for new episodes of “The Curse of Oak Island” every Tuesday at 9 p.m. PT/8 p.m. Central on HISTORY.

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