Only one more day until Jon Stewart retires from “The Daily Show.” In the ramp-up to the 50-minute finale, Stewart is having all his closest friends on the show and Tuesday (Aug. 4) it was Denis Leary’s turn. He has an excellent pitch for keeping Stewart on the show.

“It’s not too late. We give Trevor some other show, OK?” says Leary. “I’m telling you, me and Colin Quinn and Chris Rock will write this f***ing show for you for $25 of the $50 million.”

Leary is referring to Stewart’s reported $50 million offer to stay on the show, which he also cannot believe Stewart turned down.

“When we found out that you were offered this big contract and that you were basically turning it down to spend time with your family … we all thought the same thing — ‘This is a guy who’s very brave and courageous and he’s a good dad and he wants to spend time with his family,'” says Leary. “Here’s what I’m gonna say: ‘What the f*** is wrong with you?’ Do you know how much f***ing therapy you could buy for your kids with $50 million f***ing dollars?!

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Leary gets serious for half a second and praises Stewart’s decision. “I’m saying the decision you made is right. You are retiring at the top of your game like most people wish they could go out,” says Leary, though he does want to know if he can still come on “The Daily Show” when Trevor Noah takes over.

Leary: “Can I still come on the show when Trevor’s the host?”
Stewart: “I’ll be honest with you — I don’t think he’s crazy about Irish people. And if he is, you wouldn’t be the one I’d start him with.”

Stewart’s last “Daily Show” is Thursday, Aug. 6.

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