Not since “Hannibal,” has there been such a darkly cinematic horror series to grace the world of broadcast networks and in Friday’s (Oct. 14) episode of “The Exorcist,” the show dove even deeper into the story of the Rance family’s fall from grace.

Yes, this is a story about demonic possession but, at its core, “The Exorcist” is also a tale of a family in crisis. As seen in Episode 1, Henry’s (Alan Ruck) ongoing dementia — or is it early onset Alzheimers? — has caused Angela (Geena Davis) to put a pause on her career to help out at home.

exorcist episode 3 geena davis alan ruck The Exorcist supports Donald Trumps notion: Life in Chicago is hell

Then there’s the reveal from last week which shows why Kat (Brianne Howey) was locking herself away in her room for so long. The car crash that ended her lover’s life further fractured the Rances and the one paying the ultimate price here is Casey (Hannah Kasulka).

Resentment of her sister and the mental absence of her father opened her up to some sinister influences and before she knew it, there was an old creepy dude in a tattered suit sitting on her chest in the hospital.

Aside from the moment we all have been waiting for — Casey finally let the demon in — the episode, titled “The Moveable Feast,” gave Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) his own coming to God moment. Disbanded from the church and mired in doubt from the failed exorcism in Mexico, Marcus sought the assistance of Mother Bernadette (Deanna Dunagan).

exorcist episode 2 father marcus mother bernadette nuns The Exorcist supports Donald Trumps notion: Life in Chicago is hell

In his time with the group of nuns, he learns a gentler technique to add to his set of skills. And while he ends up saving a man’s soul from the clutches of a demon, Marcus also seems to have found forgiveness in himself as well for past transgressions, and the loss of young Gabriel.

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And while it looks like Marcus is back to full strength and ready to go all-in with Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) to save young Casey, the real intriguing detail that stepped forth in Friday’s episode is the notion that hell has come to Chicago.

Taking a ride on a murder-themed tour of the city, Marcus made nice with the guide and her driver boyfriend. And it’s in their little chat that the odd murders — you know, the ones involving the organ harvesting — were brought up.

Pointing out the rise in violent crime in the city — it’s hard for us not to think of Donald Trump’s comments on Chicago — Vocare Pulvere was brought up once again.

exorcist episode 4 tomas marcus The Exorcist supports Donald Trumps notion: Life in Chicago is hell

Briefly mentioned between Marcus and Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) in Episode 3, the Ceremony of Ash — as it’s also known — is a summoning ceremony used to bring a major demon to earth. For all we know, it could even be Lucifer (he is quite popular on TV these days).

Whatever is coming, it’s going to be big… way bigger than the entity inside Casey. The exorcism for the young girl is on the horizon, and we have an inkling that this is just the beginning of the battle both priests have ahead of themselves.

Yes, the Salesman (Robert Emmett Lunney) — that’s the demon’s name, you guys — is creepy, gross and powerful, but we have a sneaking suspicion there are bigger demonic fish for Tomas and Marcus to fry. Saving Casey is just the beginning of the holy fight.

exorcist casey rance hannah kasulka The Exorcist supports Donald Trumps notion: Life in Chicago is hell

“The Exorcist” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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