“The Exorcist” has been building to one unspoken truth since Episode 5’s big reveal: The bombshell that Angela Rance (Geena Davis) is really Regan MacNeil, from the original films.

The demon possessing Casey (Hannah Kasulka) — who we’re just going to call Pazuzu now — appears to have set the story in motion for a showdown with his original victim from all those years ago. And with that in mind, Friday’s (Nov. 11) episode, “Father of Lies,” pushed us way closer to the inevitable confrontation Casey’s troubled mother has to make.

We originally thought it would be Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) to make this sacrifice, mirroring Father Karras (Jason Miller)’s selfless act at the end of the 1973 movie. But instead, it looks like Tomas is being groomed for the dark side, as he continues to spiral downward, away from God and the faith he preaches. But after the ways we’ve seen Casey tormented as Pazuzu rots away her insides, it’s become more and more apparent that hiding from her past is over. Regan needs to face her demon head-on.

exorcist casey hannah kasulka 106 Angela must face her demon to help The Exorcist save Casey
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This is what everyone wants, right? Up until this episode, we’ve seen Angela revert back to the quiet and damaged girl Pazuzu left for dead. And now that she’s begun to embrace her true identity — with the assistance of her mother Chris (Sharon Gless) — it’s time for Regan to take a stand. Whether that means welcoming the demon back inside her own body remains to be seen… But something’s gotta give.

But while this would prove to be an epic face-off, we’re unsure as to how it’ll fix the bigger battle that is looming. After following his instincts, Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) happened upon the cutting room and furnace where a bunch of dead bodies have been harvested. Proof that the Friars of Ascension have performed Vocare Pulvere — a summoning ceremony to bring forth powerful demons — he’s faced with a few unholy henchmen of his own.

exorcist father bennett 107 Angela must face her demon to help The Exorcist save Casey

It seems he succeeded at taking them out, while taking a serious beating in the process, but we don’t know what shape the holy man is in. If the demon got inside of him, then that’s another one of Marcus’ (Ben Daniels) teammates dispatched.

With Tomas hanging in the balance, and the Friars gaining power, there look to be bigger demonic fish to fry aside from the one inside Casey. But “The Exorcist” has proven that baby steps work better than giant leaps when fighting off the devil’s army. With Regan coming back into the fold, who knows which way the winds of change may blow?

“The Exorcist” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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