We knew it was coming, but still, we were somehow unprepared once the big moment hit. In Friday’s (Nov. 18) episode of “The Exorcist,” titled “The Griefbearers,” Angela Rance (Geena Davis) finally faced the horrors of her past. It’s been over forty years since Regan’s life was changed forever by a brutal demonic possession and being reunited with Captain Howdy (Robert Emmet Lunney) didn’t really bode well for Mrs. Rance.

But whether we refer to her as Angela or Regan, the big revelation we came to as the episode concluded was that — for what it’s worth — Casey’s (Hannah Kasulka) possession had been one really big distraction. Yes, the demon lured her mother to the church so they could speak once more. Whoever thought this would end well must need their rose colored glasses cleaned.

Demon worming his way inside Angela’s head, she’s transported back to the fateful day they made contact. It’s in that basement where old memories rushed back anew and as she faced her past — and in her emotionally frail state — he reclaimed her body.

exorcist 108 geena davis angela rance1 The Exorcists possession of Casey Rance was one big deadly distraction

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If Casey’s resentment and hopelessness were appealing to the demon, then poor damaged Angela must’ve been the prize to end all prizes. Not to mention, this nasty bugger had a score to settle and taking back the vessel he claimed in 1973 is a big win for Pazuzu — or Captain Howdy, if you’re nasty. And let’s be clear here, this dude is as nasty as they come.

In the end, though, we did see a few points racked up by our heroes. Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) skillfully exercised the demon from the Rance girl — even if they were blind to its transference to Angela — and Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) informed the church higher-ups of its own demonic transgressions. Unfortunately for the holy man, it seems the conspiracy extends deeper than anyone previously expected.

While Bennett died at the hands of his peers, Angela/Regan snapped the neck of her unsuspecting mother as she once again became acquainted with the old friend taking up root inside her body. How will this new direction affect the Rance family? We have no idea. And that unpredictability is what makes “The Exorcist” so great.

exorcist 108 father tomas alfonso herrera The Exorcists possession of Casey Rance was one big deadly distraction

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With two episodes remaining in Season 1, we have some major concerns. Where will Tomas’s loyalties continue to lie? Faced by Jessica (Mouzam Makkar) and her husband, the threat of being disbarred due to his multiple acts of adultery is a very real one. And who better to tend his wounds than Maria Walters (Kirsten Fitzgerald)? If it’s one person that has continued to accept his transgressions without judgment, it’s the one person he should steer clear of.

Will the Friars of Ascension add Tomas into the fold? Or will he continue fighting the good fight alongside Marcus?

“The Exorcist” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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