lydia hearst the face oxygen 'The Face's' Lydia Hearst finds the aspiring models 'raw and unformed'

Zap2it: Why did you want to do “The Face?
Lydia Hearst: I really only came on board because Naomi [Campbell] asked me to. I love working in fashion, and started in films the past year. I have known Naomi for years, and I was a huge fan of the first season. I thought it was a very realistic take on the fashion industry and genuinely trying to help people — not to say there are other shows that don’t. I thought this was about truly helping women in the fashion industry.
Zap2it: How do the aspiring models strike you?
Lydia Hearst: Raw and unformed. The one thing you can’t teach is confidence, but you can help them to become comfortable in their own skin and learn how to be comfortable and who they are as an individual. And they have to step outside their comfort zone.
Zap2it: How have you stepped outside your comfort zone?
Lydia Hearst: Working in fashion, I constantly have to challenge myself whether acquiring a new skill like riding a horse or motorcycle or learning a new exercise to strike new poses. I always want to do something special — even if is just for you or for the camera.
Zap2it: Can you give an example of a risk you took?
Lydia Hearst: Standing on the ledge of the Chrysler Building, when I was 15. Sometimes even dresses can be uncomfortable, dresses made of glass, and mirrors or even sharp-edged plastic sharp studs coming off them. You never know what to expect. I have had to glue myself into shoes.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler