kimberly guilfoyle the five fnc 325 'The Five's Kimberly Guilfoyle: 'Studying law develops your mind and spirit'Before she transitioned into broadcasting, Fox News Channel commentator and legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle worked as an assistant district attorney in both San Francisco and Los Angeles and as a legal analyst for Court TV, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and CNN’s “Larry King Live” and “Anderson Cooper 360” before landing at FNC.

These days, she’s one of the regular panelists on the weekday roundtable show “The Five” and offers legal analysis on such other FNC shows as “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity.”
It’s a busy life for the single mother of son Ronan, but she doesn’t regret her educational or career choices.

“I come across, all the time,” she tells Zap2it, “people saying, ‘Could you spend a few minutes to talk to my son or daughter about [studying] law, about the advisability of it?’

“I always say it’s an outstanding, tremendous education. There are so many paths you can take from law school, whether you’re going into the DA’s office, like I did, or into private practice. It’s a powerful tool for life.

“It develops your mind and your spirit. For me, it was an easy transition into television from my career in law, being a prosecutor, being on my feet, getting in front of a jury and being impassioned about what I was doing and what I believe in.

“Anyone who is able to do it, whether through student loans or family help, get the education. It’s powerful. Arm yourself with that incredible ability to synthesize information.”

On fellow mom and prime-time FNC host Megyn Kelly (who shares Irish heritage with Guilfoyle, whose father was born in Ireland): Fox News has an incredible amount of talented women, who are just smart and sharp and funny, great to be with, and it transcends through the screen. The viewers see the authenticity, the genuine likability. Megyn is certainly a standout star. She’s my Irish sister from another mother.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare