Have you ever wondered what a fight between Thor and Superman would look like? How about the Avengers vs. the Justice League? It’s only possible in comics, and even then unlikely, due to Marvel and DC having no chance of agreeing on a crossover. 
However, thanks to modern technology and YouTube user Alex Luthor, the impossible seems a little more possible. Luthor mashed up your favorite comic book heroes from film and TV — including “The Flash” and “Arrow” — into one epic, 3 1/2-minute trailer for what could be the biggest blockbuster of all time. 
The video is a little shaky on a through-line story, but that’s true for some of DC and Marvel’s actual movies. It’s pretty amazing how “The Flash” blends with “Ghost Rider.” Arrow and “The Avengers'” Hawkeye have an archery battle to the death, and Wonder Woman — yes, Wonder Woman — takes on the Hulk. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. 
The trailer begins by saying all of this would have to happen in an alternative reality, but that doesn’t stop anyone from wishing it were real. There’s so much for a comic book movie nerd to enjoy here. Hats off to you Alex. 
Posted by:Megan Vick