It didn’t take long before Harry (Tom Cavanagh) came up with a plan to get Barry (Grant Gustin) his speed back on “The Flash.” However, it turns out his idea is literally the worst possible thing he could come up with.

The way to restore the Speed Force in Barry’s system is to make another particle accelerator explosion. That’s right, Harry wants to re-create the thing that ruined so many lives to give Barry his speed back. How could this be the plan the team actually follows through on, given how terrible it turned out last time?

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“The next episode is about the [ethics] of doing that,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explains. “Harry thinks between his particle accelerator explosion and what he learned from the Thawne version of Wells that he could just contain it and get Barry his powers back.”

While the team has to figure out if this is the course of action they’ll have to take, Wells will receive support from an unlikely ally.

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“Given what they’re up against, Joe (Jesse L. Martin), who’s always been so protective of Barry, I think surprisingly is the one who says maybe we should give this a shot,” Kreisberg says.

Joe won’t be the only father figure Barry will get advice from, though. The episode will also feature the return of John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen — and he’ll be sharing time on screen with Joe and Harry.

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“All three of them are sort of debating what their son should do,” Kreisberg teases. “Not all of them have the take on it that you’d expect and I think that’s what makes it such an interesting scene.”

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