The latest episode of the web series "DC All Access" features none other than Danielle Panabaker -- "The Flash's" Caitlin Snow -- opening up about what to expect in Season 2 of the series and which of her relationships will be most interesting to watch.

"I think Caitlin is going to have some really interesting stuff with the new Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh)," she says in Zap2it's exclusive excerpt from the interview. "You're going to see them together, which is really fascinating."

What about in the romantic department, though? There's always Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears).

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"I'm also, of course, very interested to see where things go with Jay and what he means to her and how he alters the course of his life," she teases.

Clearly Jay and Caitlin have formed a bond, with the latter opting not to return to Earth 2 just yet. Is there a possibility for them to have a future together? Surely the living in different universes will put a damper on things.

You can check out Panabaker's full "DC All Access" interview below.

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