the flash danielle panabaker killer frost cw 'The Flash': Danielle Panabaker wants to become Killer Frost

The latest episode of “The Flash” did many things, including give insight into Caitlin Snow’s past. Through a series of flashbacks, viewers learned the details behind the tragic death of her fiance Ronnie on that fateful night.
Of course, fans know the truth, that he’s not really dead. Instead he was fused with another person in the particle accelerator explosion to create Firestorm, a superhero that will pop up in Central City. After alkl, every meta Barry encounters can be a villain, right?
What of Snow, though? After all, she’s got a bit of evil in her character’s history. In the comics, she becomes Killer Frost and unleashes all sorts of damage. During a set visit, Danielle Panabaker, who plays Snow, spoke to Zap2it and several other outlets in a roundtable discussion.
“What’s so cool about this show is how, at least in my experience, how faithful they are being to all the comic book lore. They’re so respectful of the stories that have been told and it’s exciting,” she says. “I mean, the thought that goes into The Flash costume and all of that, it would be exciting to be a part of that.”
It sounds like Panabaker is definitely game for letting out her inner-villain, especially if it comes with a cool costume. That could be bad news for Barry, though.
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