'The Flash'

As fall finales go, “The Flash” didn’t end things on much of a cliffhanger, as much as it set the tone for what to expect when the series returns in 2016.

Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) was only briefly introduced, though the emotions Joe (Jesse L. Martin) experienced when he learned he had a son were among the most heartbreaking moments in the show’s history.

The big news came at the very end though, when Zoom and Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) came face-to-face for a little negotiating. Seeing as Zoom has Wells’ daughter held captive, Harrison doesn’t really have much choice but to do the evil speedster’s bidding.

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That means helping expand Barry’s (Grant Gustin) speed powers so Zoom can eventually drain them. Wells agrees to be Zoom’s lackey and seems truly haunted by the decision.

It’s such a departure from Earth One’s Wells. This version seems like he’s probably a genuinely good guy masked underneath all of that jerk. He just wants his kid back.

Of course, now that he’s working with Zoom — even against his will — that’s going to put him at odds with Team Flash. is there a Wells somewhere in the multiverse that Barry can trust?

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