Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is alive and well on “The Flash!” How is that possible, you ask? Those tricky other Earths are really working overtime to church out alternate versions of the characters you love, in this case a very different Laurel who is definitely not dead like Earth-1’s Black Canary.

The trailer for the next episode of “The Flash,” “Invincible,” introduces the Black Siren — Earth-2’s Black Canary. The trailer shows Siren up to what looks like no good as Zoom unleashes a veritable Justice League of monsters and metahumans on Central City. The big question is whether she’s a hero or a villain, though.

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In the history of DC Comics, Black Siren has been a hero and a one-time member of the Justice Guild of America — alongside the likes of The Streak, Cat Man and The Green Guardsman. The group came from an alternate Earth and appeared on an episode of the “Justice League” animated series in 2002.

Black Siren

It should come as no surprise that Siren was heavily based on Black Canary, right down to her non-superhero name. Whereas the Black Canary is Dinah Lance, Siren is Donna Nance. Coincidentally, The Streak on that team was based on Jay Garrick’s Golden Age Flash.

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Now the question becomes whose side is the Siren on. Barry and Team Flash could certainly use all the help they can get their hands on right now, with Zoom and his band of misfits ruining everything. Perhaps she’s working for him, though.

Whatever the case, “The Flash” is going to be very interesting when Laurel Lance — or Donna Nance — comes to town.

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