Violett Beane

When the producers of “The Flash” revealed that a female speedster — Jesse Quick — would debut during Season 2 of the series, there’s one big detail they left out.

Violett Beane made her debut as quick on the two, but in a departure from the comic books she was revealed to be the daughter of Earth Two’s Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). It’s an interesting development for for the series and one that will play out in the battle against Zoom, as he clearly has it out for both Wells and his daughter.

In the comics, Quick is actually the daughter of two Golden Age superheroes — Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. When it was revealed that the character was joining “The Flash,” she was described as a “bright but quirky college student.”

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Clearly there’s more to her story than just being a college student. Thus far it doesn’t appear she has speedster powers yet — or perhaps she just hasn’t been given the chance to put them on display. Of course, there’s also the question of why Wells would leave Earth Two knowing it would leave his own daughter in danger.

Whatever happens from here on out, the mysteries surrounding Earth Two just continue to go deeper.

Another notable face that popped up was none other than Hawkgirl herself, Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee). She’s a barista at CC Jitters and agreed to go on a date with Cisco (Carlos Valdes), so get used to seeing her around more often before leaving to joining “Legends of Tomorrow.” Eagle-eyed fans will remember a quick shot of Renee as Kendra in the Season 1 finale of “The Flash.”

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