Things are getting very dangerous for Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) on "The Flash." Still new to his speedster powers, it seems he may be even faster than Barry (Grant Gustin) and that's going to come in very handle when faced with the possible death of his own sister.

Lonsdale spoke to Screener about how Wally is changing since becoming Kid Flash and the importance of saving Iris (Candice Patton) from Savitar. He also spilled some very exciting details about teaming up once again with HR Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

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Getting his powers has been a real whirlwind for Wally. As he becomes more powerful, how is he changing as a person, in the way you approach playing him?

He's becoming more sure of himself and understanding that he belongs. I think for Wally, he has to fend for himself and his family -- which was just him and his mom for so long and that was it. He has, now, a ton of people looking out for him -- people that believe in him, that want to protect him -- and he has the ability to protect them. And that is very important to him, being able to provide and help other people.

It wasn't that long ago Wally found out Barry was the Flash. Now he has so much on his shoulders, including the possible death of his sister in the near future. What does his journey look like from here?

I think he's going to go through a bit of a whirlwind of emotions and challenges, ups and downs. Wally is ecstatic that he has powers and can help people. That's really all he ever wanted. The idea that the biggest responsibility, and I think the biggest challenge they've all had, could be put on his shoulders does two things: It gives him a boost of confidence that people like Barry think he could actually do that... And it obviously weighs on his shoulders immensely.

At first it's something he can easily mask, not only to other people but to himself. He gets to train, he gets to run faster. That's exciting. But, you know, you can't grow up forever. [laughs] So he's going to have to deal with a lot.

Looking back, Wally had some very fun interactions with HR Wells when getting accustomed to his powers. Please tell me there's more of that on the way.

Totally! Tom and I have gotten to work together again on some really fun scenes. I think it's awesome! I don't think we were expecting HR and Wally to work so well together. I'm not sure they always had the intention of making that a thing, but they fit like a team. For whatever reason it's organically moved that way.

Tom and I were talking about it the other day. We were trying to figure out how it happened. But it's fun, that's all we know. It's exciting when we get new scripts and get to build on that dynamic more. it's very cool.

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As Wally gets faster and faster, are you looking forward to the idea that you could get in on some of the inter-dimensional travel and going back in time that's been going on?

For sure! Time travel would be crazy and it'd just be so much fun to play with. it would open up more opportunities and more things for me as an actor to get to experience.

I've obviously been doing a lot more green screen lately, which is awesome. When I was a kid I was like, "That looks like so much fun, getting to pretend!" I imagined all these crazy things happening. Which, it can actually be really exhausting, but it's a lot of fun. I'm having a blast.

I wanted to touch on the relationship between Wally and Jesse, because it was kind of left up in the air. Though she's on Earth-2, is that connection still just as strong for Wally as it was?

Definitely! I think for both of them, they know how they feel and they want to make it work. It just sucks that she's not even long distance, it's a whole other level -- another Earth!

At the same time, he's aware that it's not the end and I think Wally tries not to get too invested in people just in case he gets hurt. Because once people commit, he fully commits. So there's a little bit of him that is ready to go all-in, but he's still got to protect himself.

Looking at Wally as the young speedster compared to Barry, are there lessons he can take from the Flash's mistakes?

He's been affected by the changes or mistakes Barry has made, they all have. They've all learned the right choices to make. But whoever knows, when you're in the situation yourself?

Wally has a lot to learn, and it goes beyond just being fast. But the good thing is -- and the difference between their training is -- for the most part Barry had a team but they were all kind of guessing their way, aside from Wells, at the time. But a lot of it was guessing games.

Now, dealing with Wally, they have very specific goals, someone right there to compare speed or certain powers with. That sort of gives him an upper hand.

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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