“The Flash” fully unleashed the power and devastation of Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) in the last episode before the annual crossover but it’s not her freezing breath or the ice she threw that made the villain scary. It’s that she makes a lot of sense.

As Barry (Grant Gustin) tried to reason with his friend who was giving into her evil side, she blasted him with truth: This is because of him. Barry created the Flashpoint timeline while trying to change history. Now she’s got powers, Cisco’s brother is dead and Wally has become a speedster.

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Those aren’t the only things at Barry’s feet, though. As Caitlin pointed out, deaths going back to Season 1 can be tied to Barry and his decisions. It’s been clear to fans for a long time that he can be held responsible for so much of the bad in Central City. In fact, we’ve gone as far as calling him the true villain of the show. And it’s not due to a dislike of Barry. He’s simply shown time and again that he doesn’t make the best decisions when it comes to his own past.

However, this time it’s someone Barry actually trusts confronting him with these truths. That’s so important to “The Flash.” It’s one thing for fans to talk to each other about the times Barry has misused his powers for selfish purposes. To throw it in his face and make him live with those decisions, though? That’s how he can truly learn.

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At the very least, Barry was able to temporarily power down Caitlin’s frosty side. Who’s to say it’s not a temporary fix, though? Alchemy’s lackey revealed that Savitar had big plans for Killer Frost. So we’ve definitely not seen the last of her.

Besides, she’s convinced Alchemy and Savitar are the key to losing her powers. Now that we know Alchemy’s true identity — Hey, we called that one too! — things are going to get very interesting. And for Barry, far more difficult. Should one of his closest friends end up allied with the speed god that’s trying to destroy him, what hope of survival does he have?

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