robert knepper the flash cw 'The Flash' does battle with Clock King, only not really

The latest episode of “The Flash,” “Power Outage” featured a bit of a crossover with “Arrow” before the “Flash vs. Arrow” event on Dec. 2. Clock King (Robert Knepper) was one of the week’s villains, after causing trouble during Season 2 of “Arrow.”
He didn’t fight the lightning quick hero, though. Instead Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was busy dealing with a metahuman wreaking havoc on S.T.A.R. Labs. With no Flash to stop him, Clock King took hostages at the police station, including Joe, Eddie and Iris.
Luckily they were able to handle the threat once Eddie got a gun to Iris. That’s right, Irish got to be the hero in this episode. How many entries in her blog will be dedicated to that victory?
Not having Clock King and The Flash mix it up was probably a wise decision, after all it wouldn’t have been a fair fight at all. Clock King isn’t a metahuman. The only “power” he might have is stealing things and Flash would not need to exert much energy to take him down. If Clock King wants to pose a real challenge, he should steal Captain Cold’s gun. That’s a showdown worth watching.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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