'The Flash'

If his first meeting with Zoom is any indication, Barry (Grant Gustin) is facing an impossible mountain to climb on “The Flash.”

After trying to use Linda (Malese Jow) as bait backfired, Barry came face-to-face with his nemesis and was left beaten, bloodied and paralyzed. That’s right — The Flash can’t feel his legs.

It’s an interesting move for the show, considering Barry spent all of Season 1 confiding in the wheelchair-bound Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) — though he was faking it, to be fair. Now, not only is Earth Two’s Wells walking around at STAR Labs, but in the trailer for next week’s episode, it’s Barry in the wheelchair.

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While this is clearly a temporary thing for Barry, as he’s seen standing tall in the first image from the upcoming “Flash”-“Arrow” crossover event, it’s enough to make viewers question exactly what he’s going to have to do to best Zoom — and how he’ll get the feeling in his legs back.

One thing is for sure and that’s Barry is not letting only Zoom get the better of him, but his own psyche. As Barry admitted, he’s living in the shadow of what Earth One’s Wells said to him in his will — that he’ll never be happy.

Now he’s pushing himself so hard to prove Wells wrong and end Zoom that he’s leaving others in the path of destruction. Linda was nearly killed by Zoom because of Barry’s mediocre plan — one that everyone told him wouldn’t work.

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It’s not just his body that needs to heal but his ego. If he wants to have even the slimmest chance of beating Zoom. Even then, there’s no guarantee there won’t be casualties — possibly even Barry Allen himself.

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