Zuleikha Robinson as Gwen on The Following.
It seems as if almost every person that has entered Ryan Hardy’s life on “The Following” has turned out to have some sort of dangerous secret up their sleeve. Because of that, it’s no wonder why viewers are wary of Hardy’s girlfriend, Gwen (Zuleikha Robinson).

At first glance, his newest love interest seems to be genuine and kind. But for fans of the FOX series, it’s hard to believe that anyone on the show is perfectly honest about who they are, especially when it comes to Hardy’s girlfriends. However, even though Robinson admits that she’s wondered about Gwen’s true intentions in the past, she trusts the character now.

“I know that online a lot of people are wondering if Gwen’s bad and it’s kind of fun that the audience thinks that she is,” Robinson tells Zap2it. “There [were] some moments when I was reading the script when I wondered to myself, ‘Wait a second, is this character going to turn?’ It’s a possibility for anyone on this show. But so far, it’s not the case.”

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Although Robinson says that there’s always a chance that Gwen could be a threat and not an ally, she believes that Gwen is as good as Hardy thinks she is.

“At the beginning of the show the writers were very clear that Gwen was the light of the show. She was there to really anchor him into that,” says Robinson. “I think that [Hardy’s] very sure about who Gwen is because she has a lot of integrity … He trusts me. I just think it’s the audience who is unsure.”

For now, Robinson is fine accepting the fact that viewers are suspicious of her character.

“Hey, look, I’m a good decoy,” says Robinson. “I’m a really, really good decoy.”

Posted by:Casey Rackham