kevin bacon may 2012 gi 'The Following's' Kevin Bacon: 'I have been such a TV husband'Zap2it: Why did you decide to do TV?

Kevin Bacon: Three or four years ago I reluctantly said I want to do a series. When I started out, that was where you went to die. It took me way longer to come to than my wife (Kyra Sedgwick). I read two or three scripts that were way better than movie scripts. That began a process. I was developing stuff for premium.

Zap2it: Though this is on network, “The Following” is pushing the envelope as far as violence, gore and subject matter. Does it seem more like a cable than a network show to you?

Kevin Bacon: Truth be told, they are definitely testing the waters. When I read the first, I was thinking [this was] premium or basic cable.

Zap2it: What were your first reactions to the pilot?

Kevin Bacon: This is really cool. And I am not going to do 22 episodes. It’s 15 episodes and midseason.

Zap2it: When did you last do television as your steady gig?

Kevin Bacon: This is the first since “Guiding Light” (1980-81).

Zap2it: You have played a lot of really dark characters, and this man, Ryan Hardy — a former FBI agent with a drinking problem and a bitter outlook — isn’t exactly a ray of sunshine. Why these types of guys?

Kevin Bacon: I am just drawn to dark stuff. This is creepy and scary for sure, when you see what happens.

Zap2it: Did you plan this so Kyra had ended her show and you were starting one?

Kevin Bacon: No. I have been such a TV husband.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler