Ever wonder how high speed car chases and street racing scenes are made? Wonder no more!

Monday's (Feb. 22) episode of "The Fosters," titled "Minor Offenses," hosts a street racing scene that will have your hearts in your throats, and in Zap2it's exclusive behind-the-scenes video, director Rob Morrow shares all the tricks of filming the complicated action sequence.

It seems like the new kid, Nick (Louis Hunter), has a bit of a wild side when it comes to trying to impress Marianna (Cierra Ramirez). When another driver attempts to flirt with her, he puts the pedal to the metal to race the guy through crowded streets and red lights, terrifying the other kids in the car.

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Some girls might like a little danger in their lives, but this death-defying stunt might earn Nick a one-way ticket out of Marianna's life if the screaming and ignored pleas to stop are any indication.

From scripts to storyboards to green screen fake-outs, check out how "The Fosters" pulled off this thrilling scene.

"The Fosters" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform

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