After a terrifying hour of wondering when and if Nick (Louis Hunter) would strike down one of the beloved “Fosters” family members, it seems that the gun scare is finally over.

For one horrifying minute, we truly thought we might lose Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) to Nick’s unstable threats, but thankfully she manages to talk him down long enough for Stef (Teri Polo) to grab the gun and detain him. Now that Nick is under arrest and Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) is still in the picture, it seems like Cierra has a tough road ahead as she deals with the fallout.

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Zap2it spoke with Cierra Ramirez about the heartbreaking school shooting premiere and how Mariana will deal with this new, dark turn in her life.

Zap2it: First, congratulations on an amazing premiere, it was such a powerful episode.

Cierra Ramirez: Thank you so much, I’m happy to hear that.

That scene with Mariana alone in the hallways was terrifying.

Honestly, it’s something that, growing up in school, was always a fear of mine. That the drill would be taking place, and I wouldn’t be in a classroom or I wouldn’t be let in anywhere. I think it’s really important to shine a light on what to do in that situation. I mean, as scary as it was to live vicariously through it and to portray it, it’s something that needed to be said, so I’m happy with it.

This episode felt a little like a horror movie, how was it to film something like that?

You’re exactly right, reading the script it was like we were filming a horror episode. It’s got a lot of those moments where you jump and are on the edge of your seat. Yeah, it’s terrifying.

How is Mariana feeling about Nick after this gun scare?

The thing about it was, Nick saw something he wasn’t supposed to see, number one, and number two it was a goodbye kiss. It should have never taken place, but Nick saw it, and this whole situation is really just a misunderstanding so for Nick to go to these extreme measures and to bring a gun to school — it’s something that Mariana is going to have to live with for the rest of the season. To know that something she did drove him to it is going to put her in a really dark place.

As much as she cares about Mat, she chose Nick, so we’ll have to see how all of that unravels as the season progresses.

Does that means things between her and Mat are resolved?

I think after this situation, she’s going to go with what her heart tells her. She’s always cared about Mat, but she moved on and she really liked Nick. We’ll have to see, and this is definitely going to hurt her and affect her. Like how do you move on from that? She’s going to struggle with it as the season goes on.

Will we see more of Mariana and Jesus’ birth father this season?

You’ve seen Jesus really struggling to have a man in his life, like a father figure. He loves his family, but he never had that. When he was reintroduced to Gabe (Brandon Quinn), that was all he ever wanted … We’re going to see more of him, and as hard as it is to see him, I think that the family will try to make things easier on him and Jesus.

How will we see Mariana react to Callie and Brandon’s secret moving forward?

I think the moms were hit with this and completely blindsided, and it’s something that they don’t want their kids or family to know. I think they’ll try to keep it a secret, but you know the Foster family; it can’t be kept a secret for too long.

“The Fosters” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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