The first half of “The Fosters” Season 4 was a rollercoaster of emotion and new mysteries, and overall we think it deserves to pass with flying colors.

While we’re still undecided on certain love triangles and drug habits, “The Fosters” continues to impress with its ability to take on hot button social issues and do them justice.

This year, we got an inspiring episode about gun control and school lockdowns, and the rest of the season seemed to be a lesson in the long-term backlash that can come from an experience like that. We’re ready to give “The Fosters” all the awards for an excellent 4A.

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School Shooting episode — A+

giphy The Fosters Season 4A report card: Hugs not drugs, kids!

The Season 4 premiere was absolutely one of the best episodes of “The Fosters” to date. It dealt with the serious issue of school shootings, while also focusing on the terrifying ordeal students are put through during a lockdown. We give this entire episode two huge thumbs up.

Brandon choosing Juilliard over Courtney — A

giphy 2 The Fosters Season 4A report card: Hugs not drugs, kids!

While we loved watching Brandon mature through his relationship with Courtney and her son, overall, it was not a great situation for a high school Senior to be in. Brandon finally realizing that he needed to put his needs and his future first was a big step to take, and it was definitely the right one.

Detective Callie — B

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Callie’s journey as a cold-case detective this season was such fun to watch, even if it had us on the edge of our seats most of the time. If Callie ever decides to stray from her plan to grow up and improve the foster care system, we think she’d make a great cop, just like her mom.

Mariana’s Adderal addiction — B

giphy 3 The Fosters Season 4A report card: Hugs not drugs, kids!

Calling it an addiction might be going a little far, but Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) is definitely headed down a dangerous path, taking Jesus’ ADHD medication. We never would have expected someone as even-minded and self-aware as Mariana to take such dangerous risks with her health, but she has been having a tough year.

Mat, Mariana & Nick love triangle — C

giphy 11 The Fosters Season 4A report card: Hugs not drugs, kids!

After Nick’s (Louis Hunter) gun scare and suicide threats, we figured his relationship with Mariana would be pretty dead. Somehow though, the deranged triangle between Mat (Jordan Rodrigues), Mariana and Nick still played a part in Season 4, and we can’t decide if we liked it or not.

Noah & Jude smoking — F

giphy 4 The Fosters Season 4A report card: Hugs not drugs, kids!

We’re all for youthful experimentation and doctor prescribed medication, but Jude (Hayden Byerly) is just too young to be smoking marijuana recreationally, especially in his moms’ house. It’s even more upsetting that this whole incident has caused a rift between Jude and Callie. Hugs not drugs, kids!

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