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Taylor Cole loves playing bad girls, but this summer, she’s back on the side of the law.
The actress and ex-model spent the final season of CBS’ “CSI: Miami” as a lab technician-turned-field agent. Shortly after that, she echoed her former role on NBC’s “The Event” as a presumed-dead but still-lethal villain who all but destroyed the team’s headquarters in the season finale of “Hawaii Five-0.”
Now Cole is back in a Florida setting — and pursuing justice again — in Season 3 of A&E Network’s Sunday drama “The Glades.” She’s just settling into her new role as police bureau chief Jennifer Starke, but it shouldn’t take long for her to shake up the already shaky relationship of Detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) and unhappily wed nurse Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez).

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“I was shooting ‘CSI: Miami’ right in the middle of pilot season, so it kind of left me without options,” Cole tells Zap2it. “This worked out perfectly for me. The cast is so nice, and it’s a fun show to work on. I love that it’s very character-driven, so you get to know everybody well.”
In her various roles, Cole often is brought in as someone who becomes quite familiar with other characters. “When I first went on ‘CSI: Miami,’ I started asking, ‘So, you never go home with these people? We never get to see their love lives? Nothing?’And they were like, ‘Nope. This is how it is.’ Then, three episodes later, I was suddenly in a love triangle.”
Indeed, Cole recognizes she’s “always stirring things up,” but she hopes “Glades” followers won’t resent her for that … especially where Sanchez-as-Callie is concerned. “I know that she is very loved, so I hope the fans don’t hate me too much.”
Birth date: April 29, 1984
Birthplace: Arlington, Texas
Current residence: Los Angeles
Marital status: Single. Her stepfather is actor Shawn Christian, with whom she co-starred on the series “Summerland.”
Favorite movie:?”‘Stealing Home.’ I did an ‘NCIS’ with Mark Harmon, and I told him how much I loved him in that movie. I sort of randomly ran across it when I was little, and it just stuck with me.”

Favorite television series you’re not in:?”‘New Girl’
Favorite singer:?“Janet Jackson”
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