alicia grace the good wife season 6 'The Good Wife': Alicia's home life is as much the focus as her work life“The Good Wife” has always deftly navigated the two worlds of Alicia Florrick’s home life and work life. In Season 6, Alicia’s home life continues to evolve as she finds herself at odds with both her husband Peter and her daughter Grace, though one conflict is certainly more hostile than the other.

“In Season 6, we’re exploring the idea of a power couple, a relationship that for all intense and purposes is strained, but the reason for it is
pragmatic,” creator Robert King tells Zap2it. “Peter needs Alicia to stand beside him and Alicia needs Peter
because he’s governor. He can help her get clients, or if she does run
for State’s Attorney, he can obviously help her there.”

Where does this “power couple” facade leave Alicia in terms of a love life, particularly in regards to Matthew Goode’s character Finn Polmar?

“At this point, they are adversaries-slash-friends. Avenues remain open,” says creator Michelle King, as Robert adds, “The bottom line is Matthew Goode and Julianna Margulies have great chemistry. The show is going to examine not only her career but her personal life and how they affect each other. Matthew Goode is part of that, but to say any more is to give too much away.”

Turning to Alicia’s relationship with her daughter Grace, the Kings say that there is still the rift between them when it comes to religion, though it isn’t something that will completely estrange them.

“The nature of the rift because mother and daughter is religious,” says Michelle. “We’d love to continue that this year. They respect each other, but it’s a difference between them. We want to see a mother and daughter who love each other but can argue about things. Grace is going to become more and more mature this season.”

“One thing that I absolutely love that the writers are doing with Grace’s character is that her mom is actually occasionally seeking our her opinion,” adds star Makenzie Vega. “Alicia’s definitely not Christian, so the fact that Grace is haing an impact on her thorugh her actions and her behavior is a pretty heavy deal for Alicia.

“There’s such respect between mother and daughter and you see it more in Season 6 because Zach is away at college,” Vega continues. “There’s less of the hustle and bustle inside the house. It’s quieter and Alicia and Grace can definitely have close-knit conversations. Those intimate conversations are really beautiful, they’re my favorite to film.”

“The Good Wife” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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