As “The Good Wife” winds down to to its final episodes, audiences are slowly getting to say their final goodbyes to all of the CBS drama’s characters — including Elsbeth Tascioni, the quirky lawyer wonderfully played by actress, Carrie Preston.

Tascioni’s final episode on “The Good Wife” aired a few weeks ago, but if you miss seeing Preston on your TV screen on Sunday nights, you’re in luck. Preston now stars on NBC’s “Crowded” as Martina Moore, an empty nester whose two adult daughters end up moving back home.

Zap2it got to speak with Preston about transitioning from a guest-starring dramatic role on the drama to starring in the new comedy, working with “Seinfeld”s’ Patrick Warburton and breaking character on set.

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Zap2it: How is it going on ‘Crowded’ so far?

Carrie Preston: It’s fun to go back to working on a multi-cam show. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in that situation. The process is completely different. It’s a really fresh new way of working. Plus, I was ready for someone to trust me with a bigger role. I wanted a central role in a series, so that’s been really exciting.

How’s working with David Puddy, err … Patrick Warburton?

Patrick and I got along great from the get-go. We both have a totally different way of working. He’s dry and droll and I’m much more animated, so putting those things together … it’s a fun chemistry. And the two young women playing our daughters [Miranda Cosgrove and Mia Serafino] are such lovely, funny and creative girls. We won the lottery with that, because you know you, it’s Hollywood!

Patrick Warburton and Carrie Preston from 'Crowded'

Is it hard to keep a straight face on set?

Oh, sure. You can’t help it. The script is like a shark, it never sleeps. It’s changing every day, every time you do it, you get a new draft. After every run-though, you get a new draft. You’re constantly getting new jokes and material.

So, sometimes you’re surprised by what comes out of another actor’s mouth. They’ve changed the punchline, you’ve never heard it and you’re in front of a live audience … and you just can’t help it! Audiences love it when you break character, because they like to be in on it, too! It’s fun to have that shared experience.

You and Patrick can make people laugh without even saying anything …

Ha! Thank you.

“Crowded” moves to its permanent time slot on Sunday nights on March 20th at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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