the good wife season 6 premiere the line 'The Good Wife' Season 6 premiere: Jailhouse crockWarning: Do not keep reading this article if you haven’t watched “The Good Wife’s” Season 6 premiere, as there is a major spoiler ahead for the start of the season. You’ve been warned.

Jailhouse crock

So, Cary’s in jail — and not country club jail. Big time, slice your hand open with a shiv to send a message prison. It’s all because the State’s Attorney is coming after Lemond Bishop and the best way they figure to do so is to come after his attorney, hoping that to avoid a major drug sentence, Cary will flip on Bishop.

Cary says he won’t and to prove it, he doesn’t rat out Bishop’s guy who slices his hand open, not even telling Alicia and Diane what happened. But can Cary hold out? Because as of the end of the episode, he’s being brought up on huge charges, he’s still in prison and his potential bail money is being questioned because the judge suspects it is ill-gotten gains (which it is).

All the kudos to Matt Czuchry for this episode. He’s always been a great supporting character on this show, who came more to the forefront the last two seasons. But “The Line” was his Emmy reel. He took good material and ran with it, leaving viewers feeling his terror, panic and pain at finding out just what it’s like to be on the other side of the law.

This turn of events does not appear as though it will be resolved neatly, quietly or quickly, which sets up an interesting course for the beginning of Season 6. Diane wants to join Florrick/Agos and bring with her nearly $40 million in clients, but she also wants an equal vote with Cary and Alicia, which Cary is not going to be happy about — but now, he not only needs Diane to defend him against the drug charges, but he needs her to save his law firm while he sits in prison.

Finally, the recording. What do you think Cary actually said to Bishop’s men? What if he’s actually guilty of abetting illegal dealings?

The State’s Attorney election

The other major storyline of the premiere episode is Eli badgering Alicia to run for State’s Attorney. Even before the polling numbers indicate she’d trounce the field, it’s obvious she’d win in a landslide. But can she abandon her fledgling firm and now her jailed partner to get into politics? Because you can think the position of State’s Attorney is a lawyer all you want, but it’s politician first, lawyer second.

It seems like the only way Alicia would seriously consider running would be if Peter forbid her to run. She would hate that and then she’d start to consider it, if only to spite him. It would not be surprising if Eli found a way to employ that tactic. He is a master strategist.

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