'The Good Wife' is coming to an end

News that this would be the final season of “The Good Wife” sent shockwaves when it was announced during Super Bowl 50. Robert and Michelle King — creators of the hit series — held a conference the next day, in which Zap2it learned what can be expected in the next nine and final episodes of the beloved CBS drama.

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First of all, while the husband and wife writing team were planning to leave the show after Season 7, they didn’t know until recently that CBS was also going to end the show.

Michelle says, “We knew that we could control our fate, but we were very aware that we did not control the fate of the series. That was for the studio and network to decide. So we felt very fortunate and flattered that we’re being allowed to end the show together with the writers and the other producers the way we would hope it would end.”

Adding to that, Robert says, “I mean you will see that 7-year plan in the way that we titled the episodes. We started with one word titles, the second season were two-words, third year three and after the fourth we started counting down again. So Season 7, we’re back to the one word titles and that was how we built the series.  We didn’t know whether this was like a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ thing where it would continue on, you know, with a whole new slew of doctors.”

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However, knowing that this is truly end of the show, the writers haven’t changed their minds from how Season 7 was originally set to close. Michelle says, “The story won’t change from what we we’re intending, but it allows us to be a little more definitive. So, you know, we’ll be writing the same thing, but perhaps now in pen instead of pencil.”

As the series winds down, audiences can expect to see numerous previous guest stars return. The Kings’ teased at such possibilities including Robyn (Jess Weixler), Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston), and Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole), but if you’re hoping that Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) will make an appearance, or that Will (Josh Charles) will come back from the dead, neither of those things are happening.

Fan favorite Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) will also not be coming back due to his current duties as character Luke Cage from the Netflix “Jessica Jones” spin-off series.

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For those of you wonder if there might be a possible “The Good Wife” spin-off happening, Michelle remains coy. “Maybe,” she says. “We’re not saying no to anything at this point.”

One of the most burning question is whether Alicia (Julianna Margulies) will finally divorce Peter (Chris Noth). The Kings wouldn’t say. But Robert promises that “where Alicia and Peter end up is one of the main storylines, and how does Alicia having an empty nest in the way by having Grace (Makenzie Vega) now heading out where Zach (Graham Phillips) left home last year.”

Regarding a possible presidential run for Alicia, they remain tight-lipped. However, in dealing with her career, Robert says they will be focusing on “Alicia coming back to Lockhart, Agos, Lee and … what does that mean? How do battles change and how do they not? How is there kind of a timelessness to office politics and her connections to all the other people in the world — Alan Cumming’s character, Eli Gold.”

Sounds like the show will wrap itself up exactly how Michelle would describe as a perfect show ending: “inevitable and surprising.”

The beginning of the end starts with the episode entitled “Monday” which airs on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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