The second to last episode ever of “The Good Wife” aired on Sunday night (May 1). Audiences held their breath during the entire hour of “Verdict” wondering whether or not Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) would be declared guilty or not.

After the first half hour, it became clear that they would not be rushing through this trial, and we’d have to be patient as viewers. But there’s only one episode left to wrap everything up, so obviously they have to tell us what the verdict is in an episode titled “Verdict” … right? Wrong.

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The hour closed with a mic-drop after Peter tells Alicia (Julianna Margulies) that he will take the deal, instead of waiting for the jury’s verdict. After-all, two years in prison — which is down from the initial eight — wouldn’t be so bad. Then, Alicia’s phone buzzes … It’s too late. The verdict is already in.

Cut. To. Black.

Alicia Florrick gif 'The Good Wife'

Seriously. Are creators Robert and Michelle King trying to go out on a weak note? Season 7 is far from the series’ best, but the swan song nostalgia factor has played a major role in keeping this drama captivating. It’s been amazing to see so many beloved guest stars from the past make appearances, and there’s been more than a few scenes for what could seal a third Emmy win for Julianna Margulies. But this second to last episode was just … disappointing.

This wasn’t an on the edge-of-your-seat, dying-with-anticipation kind of episode. “Verdict” was an annoying, drawn-out tease. Nothing can be decided, or even ruminated about until Peter’s found guilty or not. Based on previews for the finale episode, it’s hard to say if audiences will ever find out. Or if we do, will Alicia stick by Peter’s side or go off and start a new romantic life with Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)?

Alicia Florrick and Jason Crouse 'The Good Wife'

Ending “The Good Wife” with a cliffhanger would be a terrible decision. The show’s focus on all of its complicated relationships is what elevated it from being just another court procedural. The focus of this one court case in these episodes is a strange and unwelcome deviation from what made this show so great. It was never the lawyer stuff. It was watching an ensemble of intelligently developed characters deal with this ripped from the headlines scandal, and its very real repercussions.

Let’s get out of the court room and back to the good stuff. Fingers crossed “The Good Wife” goes out on a high note. It would be a shame to see such a great series with such fantastic writing go sour after being deliciously entertaining for so long.

The final episode of “The Good Wife” will air on Sunday, May 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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