taylor swift x factor nye gi 'The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!' 2012 co host Taylor Swift thrilled to have it in NashvilleZap2it: How much of a factor is the show’s location in your involvement in this year’s “The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! – Countdown to Music’s Biggest Night” special?

Taylor Swift: When the Grammys reached out to me about co-hosting this year’s nominations show, as soon as I found out it was going to be live from Nashville for the first time, I said “Yes” right away.

Music is why I made Nashville my home, and this city has always been — and still is today- – the place where some of the best music in the world, in all genres, is made and performed. I’m really looking forward to showcasing that.

Zap2it: Not only with your music, but also with other ventures — such as the perfume and greeting cards that bear your name — it seems as if you’ve been everywhere lately. How do you view the general marketing of Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift: Well, I have things that I have always been fascinated by. I’ve always loved perfume, and I’ve always loved to write people letters and to write in diaries, and those things can be tied into music in so many different ways.

Ultimately, it’s all about people connecting to each other, and ways you can make impressions on people and stick in someone’s memory are through scents or writing someone a message and sending them a card … or through a song that reminds you of that person. I think that’s what fascinates me about all those different ways of expressing yourself.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin