last man on earth will forte fox 'The Last Man on Earth's' Will Forte: 'It's been really fun to break a lot of stuff'

Zap2it: What inspired you to tackle “The Last Man on Earth,” your new Sunday FOX comedy that’s about exactly what the title says, as a comedy?
Will Forte: It’s just a fascinating situation. And it’s such a great area for comedy, because I love comedy where there’s a lot of tension and this idea seems to be … even though it’s very far-fetched, it seems very relatable.
I think everybody has thought about, and you’ve always heard, “What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?” So it’s oddly relatable in that way. It’s such a wonderful, tense situation just inherent to the idea.
Zap2it: What has the concept enabled you to do creatively?
Will Forte: It has been a very, very fun show to shoot because I get to do a lot of wish-fulfillment stuff. I would imagine that men and women would have different ideas about what they would do if they were the last person on Earth, and I think I would just go around and break stuff. And it just has been really fun to break a lot of stuff.
Zap2it: How do you go about filming a world that has no — or, at least, very few — other people in it?
Will Forte: We will find locations that have been … we found this rec center that has a tennis court that had fallen into disrepair and had weeds growing up. So we’ll find locations like empty old swimming pools to make it look like people haven’t been around for a while.
But other than that, it’s basically just a dustier world. In some ways, it’s more beautiful because there’s not the pollution anymore. You can see the stars better at night.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin