Jenny Slate stopped by "The Late Show" on Monday (June 27) to discuss her new movie, "The Secret Life of Pets." And while it seemed the conversation was off to a promotional start, Colbert kicked off an interesting segue when asking about her dog Reggie. Instead of simply giving a couple word answer on the pet, Slate revisited a horror story about how she and him met.

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Explaining how she knew no one in the entertainment world when she decided to pursue acting professionally, Slate went to the classified ads to seek out personal assisting work. This isn't unheard of. Yet, when she approached the apartment of the opera singer that would be employing her, things took a dark and creepy turn.

It's when she stepped in the burrito upon entering the man's home, that she took in the hoarder atmosphere that surrounded her. She compared the moment to a "red tide situation" -- because really, we've all found ourselves surrounded by dead fish at one point in our lives -- Slate did her best to fake a phone call to get out of the guy's place. With jars of questionable liquid all around her, we don't blame her.

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To cheer herself up, she went to a local pet store right after the horrifying experience and found a personal connection with the Bichon Frise. It gives perspective to look back on one's life choices. Now that they're official, we have to wonder what horror stories Chris Evans may have in his back pocket.

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