the lylas cast we 325 'The Lylas': Bruno Mars' singing sisters seek their own musical stardomBruno Mars isn’t the only singer in his family, since his sisters have their own act.

They also have a reality series now. “The Lylas” premieres Friday, Nov. 8, on WE: Women’s Entertainment, tracing the efforts of the Grammy winner’s female siblings to launch a shared career in moving from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Jaime Kailani Bayot and Presley, Tahiti and Tiara Hernandez also cope with huge personal hurdles, particularly since their mother died shortly after they made the move.

“Going through this wasn’t easy,” Presley tells Zap2it of the filming, “especially with what happened with my mom during it. But now, having all this footage of her and all these memories is amazing. We have this forever, and the whole world can see her, and that’s really great.”

“Lylas” stands for “Love You Like a Sister,” and they certainly exchange the barbs that often come from that, amped up by the pressures of breaking into music fully. Their song and video “Come Back” earned attention earlier this year, but they also have the bar set by their hit-making brother to work against.

An unscripted series “is not something we ever thought we would do,” Tiara maintains. “It was prompted by the fans, who started petitioning for us to have a reality show. And it was hard work! I thought somebody was just going to flip on a camera and follow me around, and that was not the case at all.”

Being natural while being filmed was an aspect of that. “It’s not easy to be yourself,” reasons Tiara. “Playing a character sounds easier to me. Tell me what to say, tell me where I need to stand. Being comfortable in front of a camera is the hardest part.”

Jaime and Tahiti have an extra concern, since they’re also mothers thinking of their children while on the road to hoped-for stardom. However, they all appreciate what their brother has achieved even more now.

“It’s a lot more than looking good and singing well,” Presley reflects. “You have to have the most determination in the world, and I have to give Bruno a lot of credit. You have to be really savvy, and be surrounded by the right people, to be successful.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin