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The words “love” and “books” often go together, as in statements like “I love books,” “Love is a good book,” and so on. On the Monday (Feb. 1) episode of Syfy’s quirky, increasingly crazy “The Magicians,” something happened that you could say with some certainty has never been broadcast on TV before: There was a sex scene between two books.

Often described as “Harry Potter for grown-ups,” the series has done a fine job after three episodes of crafting a world of wonder to rival Hogwarts University. There are bottomless water fountains, dancing glass horses and spells of awesomeness and ugliness.

There is also comedic relief — manifested in this episode by the mission of Eliot (Hale Appleman) and Quentin (Jason Ralph) to find a missing book … or more appropriately, catch it.

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“We have a real problem,” party boy Eliot tells Quentin after a particularly rowdy evening. “Professor Sunderland came looking for a book from the Physical Kids’ Cottage, and it’s missing. I diverted his attention, but … books at Brakebills are not just books. If one goes missing , it’s not a library fine we’re talking about here.”

Opening up the box, a thick volume begins flying around the room like a bat. “The missing book is Volume 1,” says Eliot. “That is Volume 2.”

Stuffing Volume 2 in a cardboard box, Quentin is seen carrying it about for most of the episode, as the box kicks and flails like there’s a wild animal in there. It is very clear that this tome wants … something.

Eventually, their mission leads them to a dilapidated bodega. Inside, their storylines finally cross with Julia (Stella Maeve) and Pete (David Call) and their band of ne’er-do-well magicians, who apparently stole the book.

When they first arrive, Julia’s friends deny it — but suddenly, a door gets kicked in and Volume 1 flies through it like a dog in heat, dancing beautifully in mid-air with Volume 2 before the books fly off to a different room. Loud, banging noises can be heard.

In shock, Pete asks: “Are they?”

“Yup,” Eliot replies with a smile. “Love wins.”

“The Magicians” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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