It’s no secret that Quentin (Jason Ralph) is having a hard time with his grief on “The Magicians,” and we can’t imagine Alice’s (Olivia Taylor Dudley) ghost showing up to beg for his help will make that process any easier.

While we’re obviously enthused to see Alice again — in any form — no one is more excited than Olivia Taylor Dudley to put this new spin on the character we already know and love.

“There’s probably 20 different versions of Alice this year, and I can’t wait for people to see them,” Taylor Dudley says, “I had so much fun playing what goes beyond [her death].”

So far, we’ve seen regular old Alice, Niffin Alice, Emily (Abby Miller) pretending to be Alice, and now this new ghostly version of her. That’s a lot to process — and “The Magicians” isn’t stopping there. Season 2 has managed to show more sides to Alice than we ever expected.

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Obviously, Dudley is through the roof about the show’s decision to play with Alice’s character in this way, and we’re right there with her. After all, a strong female character really just means a complexly written one — and Alice’s arc this year is nothing if not complex.

“I feel really honored on the show to play a really intelligent, powerful woman. We’re getting to see that a lot more in television, which is really great. We need more of that in the world,” Dudley says. “[Alice] is the most powerful in the bunch, and whether or not she wants to admit it or be a part of it, magic is part of her. It’s happening to her. In the second season we get to see that blown out of proportion, and we get to see how powerful she is. I think it’s a lot more than any of them could have ever imagined … She’s a bada**, she’s just a total bada**.”

Let’s just hope Alice can use some of that power to communicate with Quentin from whichever hereafter she’s found herself in. From what we’ve seen so far, she seems in desperate need of his help.

“The Magicians” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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