We knew fighting the Beast (Charles Mesure) was going to be a tough battle to win, and certainly one with a few fatalities — we just never thought it would be one of our favorite Brakebills characters.

After all the push and pull over thrones (courtesy of the Beast’s personal curse), taking on Fillory’s greatest evil didn’t exactly go according to plan. First Julia (Stella Maeve) went and hitched a last minute ride on Penny’s teleportation, which made Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) miss her shot at taking him out. Next thing you know, Quentin’s bleeding out on the forest floor, while Alice burns herself up — without Ember’s God power juicing her up.

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And we all know what happens when you burn up attempting too much magic…

Everyone give a warm welcome to Niffin Alice. Knowing that his girlfriend is essentially gone (niffins don’t have those pesky consciences, or even souls really) Quentin makes the impossible choice to set his keiko demon on her to make sure she isn’t set loose on Fillory.

Naturally, we asked the cast whether we should really accept that Alice is dead and gone. Jason Ralph’s answer was at least a little encouraging, since apparently Alice & Quentin might not be totally done with each other yet.

“The evolution of that relationship continues throughout the season,” Ralph teases. “So in some way, she’s around.”

It sounds like even though Alice is dead, we might be seeing a little more of her through flashbacks, visions, or even as a ghost. At least we can take heart knowing that we’ll see some version of her from here on out.

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Meanwhile, another character lost her life back on earth, as Julia’s plan to catch Renard (Mackenzie Astin) went terribly awry thanks to the Brakebills kids’ attack on the Beast. Rather than being bait, Marina (Kacey Rohl) found herself turned into an actual meal for Renard.

We hoped against hope that Marina and her sass would find a way to outwit Renard, but she ended up as dead as her poor kitty. Is it bad if we keep our fingers crossed that Julia finds a way to resurrect her so they can continue their little hedge witch team up?

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